The Carnot Charter

Carnot Research & Innovation for industry

Shared values, serving quality partnership research

The Carnot Charter clearly states all of the values shared by the Carnot institutes to develop quality partnership research. Each Carnot institute commits to abide by the Charter’s terms:

  • Establishment of a continuous improvement process to conduct research projects with a professionalism reflecting firms and socio-economic actors expectations,
  • Definition of a research strategy including clear socio-economic actors’ expectations and expected technological ruptures,
  • Answer systematically at the requests of the partners, possibly by directing them towards another structure of research,
  • Compliance with the ''The Carnot institutes’ code of best practices for Intellectual Property and Knowledge & Technology Transfers '',
  • Promotion of the Carnot label, synonymous with quality, professionalism, opening and consideration for socio-economic partners’ expectations,
  • Partnership development within the Carnot network in order to propose multi-fields integrated offers to industrial partners,
  • For researchers and laboratories evaluations, taking into account their involvements in partnership research projects,
  • Development of strong and long-term relationships with academic research in order to strengthen the scientific and technological competencies renewals.