Les Rendez-vous Carnot
For the past 16 years, we have supported companies in their innovation projects.

Les Rendez-vous Carnot 2024 : October 16 - Massy - France

“Rendez-vous Carnot” events give businesses of all sizes a chance to meet with big players in the world of R&D to speed up their innovation projects and make them a reality.

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Les Rendez-vous Carnot

All industrial and tech sectors are represented: digital technology, micro and nanotechnologies, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, chemicals and materials, energy, the environment, transport and mobility, building and infrastructure, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, agri-food and nutrition, agriculture and livestock, sport and wellness, fashion and luxury goods, etc.

What sets Rendez-vous Carnot apart is the broad range of R&D themes on offer together with the opportunities that businesses get to meet the top specialists in different types of innovation support.

Both the effectiveness of pre-arranged meetings and their comprehensive offering make Rendez-vous Carnot a unique and time-efficient opportunity for all companies to meet the right people for getting their innovation project off the ground.

While two-thirds of participating businesses are SMEs, Rendez-vous Carnot are also popular with the heads of innovation in big corporations who get a rare opportunity to meet the big players in the world of R&D under the one roof.

Rendez-vous Carnot have been organised by AiCarnot since 2008 and they have become an absolute must.

Entreprises : trouvez votre partenaire R&D

Regardless of whether you are an SME or a big group, find your own R&D partner.

A comprehensive R&D offering across a broad range of themes. 
The top experts in R&D and leading specialists in different types of innovation support.

Rendez-vous Carnot, the only event that offers critical mass in R&D expertise across all business sectors:

Aeronautics ♦ Agriculture and Agri-food ♦ Chemicals and Materials ♦ Energy ♦ the Environment ♦ Extractive Industries ♦ Manufacturing ♦ Mobility ♦ Fashion and luxury goods ♦ Healthcare ♦ Sport and Wellness ♦ Digital technology ♦ Sustainable and resilient cities ♦ …


Entreprises : trouvez votre partenaire R&D

Rendez-vous Carnot bring together all R&D professionals involved in corporate research.

Innovation entrepreneurs can meet with all 39 Carnot Institutes as well as all of the big players in the world of R&D who are focused on innovation in business.
Rendez-vous Carnot provide businesses with a unique and time-efficient opportunity to meet all the right people they need to partner their innovation projects.