Our mission

Mission réseau
Carnot’s mission is to prepare the industry and economy of tomorrow by supporting businesses’ innovation and transformation strategy.

The Carnot network comprises public research structures, certified by the French Ministry for Research, heavily committed to developing and spearheading research partnerships that support innovation in businesses of all sizes – from SMEs to large corporations – and among socio-economic stakeholders.

The most potent research offering for supporting innovation in business

Carnot’s 35,000 research professionals account for 20% of all French public sector researchers and handle 55% of all R&D contracts outsourced by private companies to French public research bodies.

A clear objective

Boosting the economic impact of R&D projects deployed by Carnot Institutes in partnership with businesses in terms of job creation, domestic and export revenue and competitiveness.

Integrated, multi-disciplinary solutions

The network offers a broad range of expertise for devising solutions to the R&I needs of companies across all sectors. In order to harness their complementarity and unlock synergies for their stakeholders, the different Institutes are organised within an operational network headed up by AiCarnot.
The fact that they are working day in, day out with different companies enables them to anticipate the R&I requirements of different business sectors by deploying a proactive approach underpinned by needs-based scientific resourcing.

Factoring in the constraints of each business

The Carnot institutes seek out continuous enhanced professionalism in their relationship with partners, from initial contact to deliverables, data gathering to customer feedback, and everything in between (i.e., negotiations, getting projects up and running, etc.).