Tuesday, June 20, 2023 - 18:40

Phenomenon of shrinkage and swelling of clayey soils (RGA): definitions, impacts on structures and people and solutions for adaptation to climate change


Under the effects of climate change, weather events are becoming more frequent and intense in terms of loss experience and damage costs. Lightweight structures such as houses and houses and roads, built on very plastic clay soils and sensitive to the shrinkage and swelling phenomena, suffer more degradations due to drought.
The Cerema, Institut Carnot Institute Clim'adapt, works and mobilizes those concerned to develop new remedial solutions to reduce the vulnerability of buildings exposed to the RGA and its resilience to climate change.

As climate change accelerates, weather events are becoming more frequent and intense. Individual houses and roads built on clay soils are then more sensitive to the phenomena of shrinkage-swelling of clays, RGA.

Among the solutions mentioned: extending the implementation of the initial MACH process, through the new "MACH Series" project on several dozen homes affected by drought. The MACH project is a project funded by Cerema's Clim'adapt Carnot.

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