Carnot STAR

Science and Technology for Research Applications

Bringing together a multidisciplinary consortium of eight laboratories in the fields of physics, biology, medicine, computer science and engineering, Carnot STAR provides a set of complementary scientific expertise and know-how to support innovative industrial projects in “Sport, Health and Well-being”.

Key figures

Key figures

Permanent staff (full-time equivalent) 350
PhD Students 230
Global budget 27 M€
Partnership incomes with industry 4,5 M€


STAR Carnot Institute
Cité de l'Innovation et des Savoirs d'Aix-Marseille (CISAM)
Bâtiment le Castel - 61, boulevard des Dames - 13002 Marseille

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Email contact
Email contact


A central partner serving sports, health and well-being companies


A broad-ranging panel of specific fields of expertise

  • Determinants of motricity
    Expertise in the analysis, understanding, modelling and multidisciplinary exploration of movement based on mechanical, physiological, neurological and psychological determinants.
  • Nutrition/ métabolism 
    At the interface between Sport, Health and Well-being, this expertise is adapted to the needs of food and food supplement markets through a combined approach to nutrition including biological, medical and technological elements.
  • Performance, ergonomics, safety
    Understand the task in order to adapt it to Man, and understand interactions between the material/environment and Man.
  • Biological and medical imaging
    Within the framework of the Sport, Health and Well-being theme, imaging activities allow a better understanding of the mechanisms involved in certain physiological processes (muscle function, cardiovascular system, metabolism, etc.).
  • Embedded measurements
    Design and production of high-performance embedded systems with a focus on safety, remote communication, power consumption. These systems are particularly associated with sports equipment and remote monitoring (to monitor medical health parameters, for personalised coaching, prevention, safety, etc.).
  • Data science
    As a result of the explosive increase in the number of connected objects available on the market, significant challenges have emerged for the protection, control, and even enhancement of all the data generated in terms of safety, interoperability, automated learning, development of predictive models, and other applications.

Carnot STAR’s research & development proposal

Thanks to its research teams and technical resources, Carnot STAR meets the needs of companies in terms of: 

  • Research and development 
  • Expertise and advice
  • Services provided

Economic sectors

  • Sport and well-being
  • Health Technologies
  • Manufacturing
  • Silver Economy (home automation, home care, prevention tools)

Target markets

  • Equipment and materials
  • Medical devices
  • Nutrition
  • Connected objects/ artificial intelligence

Platforms and technical facilities

Carnot STAR has technological resources spread over a number of remarkable technical platforms and technical facilities: 

  • Analysis of sports performance (instrumented gymnasium - TechnoSport)
  • Medical imaging (clinical 7T MRI, interdisciplinary transverse imaging centre - CERIMED, small animal MRI imaging, functional imaging)
  • Multimodal biological imaging, biomechanics (modelling, mechanical characterisation of biomaterials, experiments on bodies donated to science)
  • Virtual reality dedicated to the study of human behaviour in an immersive situation, 
  • Biological screening, RFID characterisation.