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Télécom & Société numérique

The Télécom & Société Numérique Carnot Institute is the first Carnot Institute specializing in digital science and technology at national level. It offers cutting-edge research and integrated solutions to complex technological issues raised by transformations in the French production sector. Thanks to its research teams and technological platforms, the Télécom & Société Numérique Carnot Institute works with companies of all sizes on the technical, economic and social implications of digital transition.

Key figures

Key figures

Permanent staff (full-time equivalent) 1700
PhD Students 974
Global budget 104 M€
Partnership incomes with industry 83,4 M€


Télécom & Société numérique Carnot Institute
19 place Marguerite Perey
CS 20031
91123 Palaiseau Cedex

François PINEAU
+33 (0)1 75 31 41 62

Laurent EBNER
+33 (0)1 75 31 41 47

Email contact
Email contact


From research to integration: tailor-made digital innovations

A threefold offering

Thanks to its unique positioning in the French higher education and research system, the Télécom & Société Numérique Carnot Institute offers a tailor-made service combining research, technological maturation and training. These three foundations are essential in meeting the needs of companies and supporting them throughout the cycle of defining and implementing innovation. 

Support for anything, anywhere

As well as its ability to intervene at all levels of the TRL spectrum, the Télécom & Société Numérique Carnot Institute has a wide range of academic expertise. This multidisciplinary approach makes it possible to respond both to the most technical innovation issues and to the ways that new technologies are adopted by users. In addition, the institute has a presence throughout metropolitan France, ensuring a solid anchoring in local innovation dynamics and strong partnership relationships.



Target Markets: 

  • Electronic industries and digital infrastructures
  • Software tools
  • Digital uses and media
  • Health technologies
  • Manufacturing
  • Aeronautics and space
  • Energy systems
  • Environment
  • Automobiles and mobility 
  • Defense

Examples of platforms:

  • TeraLab: artificial intelligence and data analysis
  • Mimento: micronic and submicronic technology for the high-tech industry
  • Omni: studying the impact of digital technology on society
  • Vigisat: satellite monitoring and environmental protection
  • OpenAirInterface: defining and testing 5G technologies
  • Arago: optical technologies for telecommunications and healthcare

Our support skills:

  • Defining a strategic innovation roadmap
  • Scientific and administrative follow-up of project engineering
  • Integrating research into the production process
  • Financial optimization of the entire innovation project