Partnership CEA LIST Carnot Institute - Diota

Diota becomes the first French publisher of Augmented Reality software for industrial use

Technological success for a recently launched start-up supported by the CEA LIST Carnot Institute.

Supporting Innovation

Commercial success for Diota’s Augmented Reality (AR) software solution for the Manufacturing Industry is already under way. It offers above all new ways to get everyone acquainted with a new manufacturing, control and maintenance format. The primary asset of such leading-edge technology for CEA LIST: a model-based markerless 3D tracking device for object identification linked to a multi-criteria information overlay module. Second asset: a gateway connecting the  software and  Industrial Information Systems directly to each other.

The client needs

The DiotaPlayer solution enables the improvement of manufacturing efficiency through the interaction between the digital data interfaces and the workspaces. Diota’s AR software solutions empowers all human operators performing time-continuous operation tasks to simplify data collection using markerless technique while providing enhanced ergonomics. Via a link-up with the Corporate information system DiotaPlayer makes it possible for the operators to receive the 3D models created from the 3D scanned data at both plant and production line levels. Into the bargain, higher productivity gains and quality outcomes leading to a reduced number of resultant manual inspections.


The CEA LIST research efforts are devoted to developing digital intelligent systems aiming to specifically meet the challenge of the Factory of the future. The teams as of 2009 have become involved in the project by supporting Diota’s start-up, also by bringing its expertise in the AR field. The fruitful partnership has given the start-up the opportunity to appeal to a vast number of large corporate groups but also SMBs using AR for communication purposes or to highlight their product portfolio. CEA LIST Carnot Institute, which collaborates closely with Diota, helps them continue writing their success story on a worldwide scale. With  Safran and CEA Investissement’s entry in the stock of Diota, along with a doubling of the present level of its personnel, the start-up is stepping up its industrial development strategy.

October 2023