The Carnot Network presents 22 deeptech start-ups at Viva Technology!


The Carnot Network propels more than 100 startups per year!  Among them, twenty-two were selected for the impact of the solutions they deploy in the fields of health and food, manufacturing, cybersecurity, quantum computing, energy, transport, sports, personal services and even marketing!

Discover our 22 start-ups #CarnotInside (booth n° J01)!





AlphaBrain, start-up du Carnot AP-HP, propose une solution logicielle IA de surveillance augmentée du cerveau dans la salle d'opération pour réduire les complications postopératoires.

⇒ Contact : David Sabbagh 

Ateka Therapeutics

ATEKA Tx, start-up du Carnot STAR, apporte à l’industrie pharmaceutique un nouveau mode d’action essentiel à la protection et au fonctionnement du cerveau. Nos molécules activent le couple BDNF-TrkB. Le déficit en BDNF est connu pour être à l’origine des maladies neurodégénératives. Le BDNF est également nécessaire à la plasticité des axones et des synapses. 

⇒ Contact : Maxim Cazorla 


BrainTale, a start-up from the AP-HP Carnot Institute, is improving brain and patient care by measuring this organ by quantifying and normalizing white matter via its innovative medical solution based on the processing of MRI data in diffusion tensor. It provides a better understanding of neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases, their progression, and appropriate decisions in the clinic and during the development of new therapies.

⇒ Contact : Julie Rachline, CEO


CellEmax is a future biotech startup from the Inria Carnot Institute, specializing in the rapid identification of therapeutic targets against cancer. Our unique AI-powered single-cell pharmacology approach helps identify new proteins to help re-sensitize cancer cells to the immune system. Our targets will enable our partners to design new targeted therapies as well as rational combinations of drugs.

⇒ Contact : Marielle Péré & Jérémie Roux

Cereus Biosciences

A start-up of the Carnot Curie Cancer Institute, Cereus Biosciences aims to become a leader in the discovery of shared neoantigens for cancer vaccination by exploiting the untapped potential of the unmapped two-step "Dark Genome" genome. The first step is a complete, unreferenced silico exploration of the transcriptome of cancer (pancreas) cells on a state-of-the-art computing platform to identify novel neoantigens. 
The second step is a laboratory test to produce the neopeptides and validate their immunogenic properties on patient cells at Institut Curie. After a concept test on uveal melanoma, Cereus is now focusing on pancreatic cancer, an unmet medical need, with 500,000 deaths per year worldwide, validated and shared neoantigens, ready to be licensed to a pharmaceutical partner for clinical development of ready-to-use cancer vaccines.

⇒ Contact Jean Pascal Tranie & Daniel Gautheret


As an expert in health data, codoc offers a health data warehouse solution and an application suite to facilitate the secondary use of data in healthcare institutions. Codoc's mission is to make it easy for healthcare organizations to use the health data they produce every day to accelerate research projects and improve patient care.

By making health data accessible to teams in healthcare facilities, codoc enables healthcare organizations equipped with its products to easily mobilize data to:

  • improve patient care, 
  • identify patients in a situation of diagnostic error, 
  • optimize care pathways, 
  • accelerate research to enable faster return to the patient.

Created by the Carnot Imagine Institute, a world leader in research on genetic diseases, codoc is an innovative company and a great example of successful public-private technology transfer with a strong impact on improving patient care and accelerating research projects. Today, codoc equips around twenty French establishments with its health data analysis application suite.

Contact : Arthur Delapalme


DIAGANTE is a Medtech start-up from the Carnot AP-HP and the UVSQ Paris Saclay hospital in the field of in vitro diagnostics. It develops medical devices to enable the analysis of solid biopsies on fast, high-throughput instruments in clinical pathology laboratories. This allows for faster results, personalized medical care, and reduced costs. The first product, TISSUtainer®, received UKCA brand approval. It is in the process of obtaining CE marking and being an ISO 1385 certified company. He ensures the preservation of the sample between collection and analysis, as well as its pre-analytical processing. 

It improves the quality of diagnosis, reducing the proportion of false negatives and detecting the bacteria responsible for the infection. It gives the sample the ability to reach specialized microbiological platforms for analysis under the best possible conditions and prepares the sample for a reliable and complete diagnosis. Diagante is also developing a new generation of products for molecular biology.

⇒ Contact : Cécile Chevalier 


iPerf, a start-up from the AP-HP Carnot Institute, has developed an innovative medical device to prevent serious complications in patients on cardio-respiratory assistance and thus improve their survival.

⇒ Contact : Maya Bertron 

Quantum computing and IT


 Authentication of the material against fraud.

The marking technology developed by INOOCQ, a start-up of the Cea Leti Carnot Institute, is based on the production of bio-inert synthetic markers. The associated detection is developed on smartphones thanks to the analysis of the material itself developed at the CEA. All 2 parts of this technological proposal that can be integrated into the formulation of industrial products (glues, cosmetics, medicines, agri-food products, etc.) constitute a set that meets the criteria of strategic sustainable development for any current company and allows the authentication of products that may confuse counterfeits.

⇒ Contact : Bruno Laguitton


Quobly, a start-up from the Cea Leti Carnot Institute, is developing an error-free universal quantum computer based on semiconductor qubits. At the same time, Quobly is addressing scientific-technological challenges and industrialization to pave the way for the mass production of millions of quantum bits. Based in Grenoble, the startup is the result of 15 years of collaborative research between internationally recognized technological research organizations, the CEA and the CNRS. Founded in 2022, Quobly has assembled a team of complementary experts from the semiconductor industry and renowned researchers in quantum technologies. In 2023, Quobly announced an initial funding round of €19 million, setting a new record for initial funding for a European startup in the quantum sector. Quobly now has 25 people.

⇒ Contact : Maud Vinet 


RunBlind, specialist in 3D sound for guidance

RunBlind, a start-up of the Carnot Telecom & Société numérique, is the first company to use dynamic 3D sound to allow the visually impaired to practice sport independently and without using the 5 senses; In addition, this technology is intended to be implemented in many applications, in a wide variety of sectors.

⇒ Contact : Philippe Le Borgne

AI, cybersecurity and augmented reality

Alterande (CyberNDT)

Recent high-profile industrial accidents have called into question the reliability of manual non-destructive testing (NDT) (80% of inspections). To address this problem, Alterande, a start-up from the Cea List Carnot Institute, offers an innovative digital companion solution, called CyberNDT, which significantly improves the traceability and compliance of manual inspections of critical parts.

⇒ Contact : Michel Cardoso

Flit Run

Flit Run, a start-up from the Carnot Cognition Institute, offers an application for personalised training programmes for running and endurance sports. The application supports runners by constantly adapting to their level and physical condition thanks to an AI that processes their training data.

⇒ Contact : Pierre Gilfriche 


There is a gap between reported intentions and actual behaviors, with 73.5% of reported purchase intentions never materializing. Thus, brands base their marketing strategies on misleading data. Advanced techniques like neuromarketing could refine knowledge of customer preferences, but they tend to be invasive, expensive, and time-consuming.

Igonogo, created by Candice François and Florian Loeser by merging their thesis (Carnot Cognition), uses AI to detect subtle finger movements, revealing customers' unspoken thoughts and emotions. The unique Made in France solution merges the simplicity of online surveys with precise behavioral measures developed in the lab, offering unique insights into customers' true thoughts. Its user-friendly AI technology captures subtle finger movements, revealing deep feelings and emotional reactions. These are displayed in real-time on a dashboard, generating actionable recommendations to better understand customers' true desires.

⇒ Contact : Candice François et Florian Loeser


Maintaining know-how, transmitting skills and improving performance depends on qualified staff, who are difficult to recruit today. SHIFT89, a start-up of the Carnot Telecom & Société numériqe, allows any field trainer to create augmented reality tutorials in a few minutes and in complete autonomy. Our solution helps training centers and manufacturers to train more and better with their current teams.

⇒ Contact : Emmanuel Bricard


"If hackers can't see you, they can't hack you!" This is the promise of Snowpack, a deeptech cybersecurity spin-off from the Carnot Cea List created in 2021, which makes all sensitive digital assets invisible on the Internet. Users, devices, servers, services and data of any type of organization are protected against all Internet attacks, from the simplest to the most advanced.

⇒ Contact : Frédéric Laurent


VISIONERVES, a start-up from the AP-HP Carnot Institute, offers surgeons and radiologists automatic and rapid 3D modeling integrating nerves from the patient's MRI images to optimize the surgical strategy and the course of surgery.

⇒ Contact : Juan Pablo de la Plata Alcalde



ALTRANS ENERGIES, a start-up created in November 2020, is the result of fifteen years of research within the GIPSA-lab laboratory (Grenoble INP-UGA and CNRS) and in collaboration with the LSI and Energies du futur Carnot Institutes. The innovation is based on quantum algorithms to fine-tune fault precursors in electrical cables, such as partial discharges, through their quantum-level interference with a broadband waveform propagating through the network. Quantum metrics allow a very precise localization of incipient defects as well as the classification of defects through an artificial intelligence approach based on the descriptors defined by these quantum metrics. 

Our technology enables autonomous, continuous and global monitoring of weak points in power grids (from high to low voltage). Thanks to this monitoring, it is therefore possible to identify future failures in detail and in advance and it fully contributes to the objectives of predictive maintenance of cable networks.

Voir la vidéo de présentation  

⇒ Contact : Cornel Ioana


ENERGO, a start-up of the IPGG Microfluidics Carnot Institute, has developed a new technology to produce high value-added molecules from biogas.

⇒ Contact : Vincent Piepiora et Maria Mikhail 


PowerUp, a Carnot start-up Energies of the Future, develops advanced battery analysis software that helps BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) optimize their operations by achieving a better quality. By leveraging field battery data in a non-intrusive manner, PowerUp's monitoring solution provides proprietary indicators on battery health status (SOH), battery safety status (SOS), remaining useful life (RUL), and specific performance metrics (e.g., cellular imbalances or dispersion).

Its graded and structured warning system detects the first signs of potential battery or battery hazards. Suboptimal utilization (unused capacity) to help BESS operators take informed action: The Battery Insight® platform allows them to implement preventative maintenance and use their BESS to its full potential. It is the ideal solution to protect BESS from degradation and ensure long-lasting battery performance. From battery data to battery information.

⇒ Contact : Blandine Charveriat

QUOS (Steady Sun)

As a specialist in environmental data, the group is known through its 3 brands, which are Steadysun (renewable energy production forecasts), Frogcast (weather forecasts) and QUOSAir (indoor air quality monitoring).

STEADYSUN SAS is a spin-off of the Carnot Energies du futur (CEA/INES) specialising in solar production forecasting. STEADYSUN's services are designed to help grid operators (TSOs/DSOs), PV operators and other market participants to forecast solar generation over different time horizons and geographical aggregations. Part of this strategy has been to develop Frogcast, a smart weather platform dedicated to software publishers, who develop decision-making tools in different markets, such as agriculture, transport, energy or health for example. All weather-sensitive companies are affected by this new product.

⇒ Contact : Caroline Deforeit 



Innovative natural biological control solutions for sustainable crops

Regulations are gradually requiring farmers to reduce the systematic use of pesticides to control pests. InnoFenso, a start-up of the Plant2Pro Carnot Institute, develops biocontrol products based on insects useful to replace the use of synthetic pesticides for an ever more environmentally friendly agriculture.

⇒ Contact : Christophe Vasseur

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